My name is Brandon Garay

Raised in Prince William County, Virginia, I'm deeply rooted in the 10th Congressional District. Alongside my wife Shannon and our six children, we've made our home in Leesburg, VA, embodying the community's spirit and history.

Military Service and Public Service Journey

After graduating from Virginia Tech, I served in the Army for nearly a decade, which included a combat deployment to Afghanistan. Transitioning to civilian life, I continued my public service by contributing to critical policy and legislative work at the State and Federal levels through various leadership roles- from the House Committee on Human Services and Homelessness in Hawaii to managing Veterans Policy and National Security issues in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As a candidate for Congress, my focus is on:

  • Strengthening Family Foundations: Ensuring housing affordability and financial stability for families by advocating for policies like expanding the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and addressing land use and zoning issues.
  • Bridging Our Communities: Improving infrastructure, transportation, utilities, and broadband access through collaboration with state and local governments to ensure my priorities reflect our community’s needs.
  • Fostering Local Enterprise: Supporting small businesses and the agricultural sector, defending against inflation and excessive regulation, and promoting local business investments.

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